In summary I blogged about myself, to give people an understanding of who I am and my interest.  I then outlined the course assessments as required.  My elected blogs consider punctuation, teamwork and public speaking.

All my elected blogs relate to communication.  Whilst they all use a form of  communication they are all delivered or applied in a different way.  I learned that effective communication is a necessity in life.  If you are not able to communicate clearly, your audience will not understand the message you are trying to convey.

As I progressed through the assessment I became more confident in blogging.  However I believe I could improve on the layout.  My blog address was another aspect that could be improved upon, particularly if I wanted it to be picked up by internet search engines.

The main challenge I had with my blogs was conveying my message within the limited word count.  Blogging gave me exposure to a social media format that I would never have utilised before.